Tatty Devine and Poster Making at House of Vans

Yesterday House of Vans hosted two creative workshops as part of their women's month, one was bunting necklace making with Tatty Devine and the other poster making with Lotte Andersen. It was so much fun going along and being able to enjoy the workshops from the other side. My friend Anis and I made our own necklaces and enjoyed rummaging through piles of 1980's magazines to find images for creating a collaged poster...

Shot Drawn and Painted

Last week my mum, sister and I had the private view for our little family exhibition at The Courtyard in Rotherfield. We spent the day hanging and arranging our work and then mingled with guests in the evening whilst eating delicious cheese and listening to some wonderful live folk music provided by my dad as his lovely friends.

We were really happy to see so many familiar faces to support us. Thanks to The Courtyard and the musicians who provided the perfect atmosphere, the evening was a success and we are all so pleased to be able to show our work there.

Unfortunately my mum's icons are so precious she was unable to leave them in The Courtyard after the private view, however, Vicky's photography and my prints will be on display and for sale there until the end of March. If you happen to be in the area please drop in and have a look, it's a really friendly cafe!

Interactive wallpaper designing...

Lilli and I have just started to plan out our new interactive wallpaper design for Aestheticodes. Since our brief has mostly set out the coding methods we need to demonstrate rather than the context or aesthetic of the design, Lilli and I had to get our thinking caps on to decide these things before we began.

We want to show that the application of artcodes can be meaningful and so have started planning a wallpaper that can be used to address environmental and conservation issues, such as the bee population here in Britain, and rather than just provide facts, give people ideas and information about how they can get involved and help to make a difference.

The wallpaper could be installed either in a public environment, such as a museum for educational purposes, or in a private home. I love the idea of it being in a summer house or a conservatory. Each time someone goes out to do the gardening they can scan the wallpaper with their artcodes app and get tips for making a bee or hedgehog friendly environment, finding out how to have a healthy ecosystem. And there is potential for the information linked to the artcodes to change over time to match the seasons or changes in animal population. It could even link to an animal survey and where to input results.

It's all very exciting so we both got into our initial designs, at this point just working out what imagery we would use and possible layouts. The next step is to start encoding and then once we have some good examples of what the wallpaper will look like we can start looking for somewhere to exhibit it.

Here are some of our initial drawings...

Peacock Printing

I finally got round to printing a paper run of peacocks in time for our Shot Drawn and Painted exhibition on Friday.

Printing love letters

By the end of the day yesterday Lilli and I were totally knackered but so stoked. The workshop was so much fun, we met so many lovely people and everyone really enjoyed getting creative and printing their Valentines cards. We had lots of visitors getting creative with their inking techniques to make two or three colour prints as well as some classic and sophisticated one colour gems. We hope that all their Valentines love the cards!

Yesterday also marked the day I became a glitter convert. I have to admit that when Lilli suggested glitter for the workshop memories of Blue Peter flooded back with visions of the two of us being covered in the sparkley stuff for weeks to come. But after being visited by several glitter experts throughout the day, I was eventually swayed by their glittery excellence and can now confirm that I am pro glitter (within reason).

Here are a few photos from the day...

Valentines Workshop

Lil and I are getting ready for another lino printing workshop at House of Vans. This time we'll be helping you to print your special someone a beautiful hand printed Valentines card. Don't forget to book your free space!