Italian fans!

Thanks to my awesome family in Italy for giving me and Gentlemen Duke a bit of exposure on the continent!

Leather work

This evening I took a trip to Hobbycraft to grab the bits and bobs I needed to carry on with my leather necklaces. I've been playing with punching holes and putting on studs. It seems to be going well although my fingers are starting to ache! Here's a quick peek of one of them so far...

On it again...

Today I've been hanging out with my Nonno doing a bit of chatting, drawing, drinking lots of tea and even printing. I just did these two tees today to test out my wolf. Pretty pleased with how he's looking. Now all I need to do is order some more tees and totes!

Leather left overs

While I was at uni I collect up some nice bits of leather, some free from Hackney scrap and some dead cheap from Shepherd's Bush. I thought I should start to do something with my left overs so that they don't go to waste. I've seen some really nice faux leather collars in some shops recently and at first I thought I'd try some of my own. But when it got round to cutting the leather I decided to make fat leather necklaces instead, one of them I've cut to look a little like a collar. Anyway, these are the shapes so far, I'll attach chains and fastenings later and play around with punching some holes too.

Vans at Selfridges

I was really lucky last month as the Lovenskate team asked me to help them out again with a live screen print for Vans in Offspring, Selfridges. We had a really fun evening of printing Stu Smith's design onto free totes and tees. Plus there were some lovely ladies painting nails, customising vans and giving away cupcakes! Thanks to Lovenskate and Vans for an awesome evening!

Ready to go!

Just got the tees labelled up and ready to go. I'm really pleased with how they've all turned out, hopefully the Gentlemen Duke fans will like them too so they can get sold!