Interactive Wallpaper

Yesterday Lilli and I finally finished our digitally interactive wallpaper and we're so pleased to hear that the team at Aestheticodes like it.

The project was really challenging because, although at first Lilli and I thought we had very similar styles, we very soon realised that collaborations can really high-light even small differences. We spent a lot of time discussing, drawing, re-drawing, colouring and re-colouring to make sure that the final wallpaper flows naturally and the illustrations sit well with one another.

It's been an exciting project too because since I last worked with Aestheticodes, the app has been developed even further opening up with so many more opportunities for design as well as adding endless possibilities for codes. For example, whereas before the app would always attach the same numerical code to an art code it scanned, it can now read different codes depending on the angle at which an art code is scanned. The perspective alters the way the art code is understood and therefore allows different codes to be read and different experiences depending on where the viewer is standing and the angle they are scanning. This got us really excited…although it did also boggle our brains a little in the process. But we are pleased to say that all of our art codes scan with three different possibilities.

So what's next? Well, we're currently in the process of getting test prints to double check colours before producing a sample roll of the wallpaper. Once we have a physical product we are hoping that we will be able to find somewhere suitable to install it. We have designed the wallpaper with both private and public environments in mind, it would be wonderful if we could find a public space to display it and encourage people to interact with the art codes.

If you want to read more about Aestheticodes you can either see my previous posts or click here. You can also find out more about Lilli and her work here.

A little bit of screen printing...

Needed to finish off my chicken series...

Encoded progress...

Lil and I have been working on our colour palette and playing with possible layouts to put into repeat for our wallpaper. It's starting to come together!

Since 66

The 50th anniversary for Vans has just passed and it was so much fun being involved in the family weekend celebration at House of Vans. Sam took care of a market stall full of our hand printed goodies while Lil and I ran a mug printing workshop for visitors.