Carolan Guitar

I've been lucky enough to be involved in another exciting Aestheticodes project, this time involving encoded celtic designs for guitars. It's been such lovely project because, apart from working with a great team, it has also been really nice to work on something that appeals to my musical interests too.

The project continues to develop and test applications of Aestheticodes, decorative encoded designs that respond in a similar way to bar codes or QR codes when scanned with the Aestheticodes app. In this particular application, we are experimenting with placing codes, hidden within decorative celtic designs onto a guitar. The codes can then be scanned and used to create a historic footprint for the guitar, updating its story as time goes on.

The team have just launched a new blog where you can find out about and follow the project. You can find it here.

French sketching!

Two days ago Sam and I arrived in Central France to begin our relaxing holiday staying with his mum and her partner. It's been so peaceful out here and in between eating good food and mowing the lawn I've had some time to do a bit of sketching in the sunshine. We're staying in Sam's mum's beautiful house and I thought I would make it my first drawing out here.

Wedding Illustrations

Recently I have been working on a couple of projects that I have been unable to share on here, however, I am pleased to say that I can now share these wedding illustrations as the happy couple tied the knot last weekend, congratulations to Kirsty and Ali Butcher!

A few months back I posted photographs of some wedding invites that I had designed and screen printed for Kirsty and Ali. Kirsty had also asked me if I could design some of their on the day stationary as well as some postcards for their guests to colour in and leave their messages on. I thought this was such a lovely idea, an added personal touch and something fun for people to do together.

Kirsty asked me to illustrate postcards showing the two of them in special places such as their first holiday and where they met. Here are some of my illustrations…