Leaf brooch

Yesterday I made this leafy brooch from copper and silver. I haven't worked with copper before and I absolutely loved it because after it's heated during soldering, it shows the most beautiful colours!
I have made similar shapes for a necklace before now but used a method that involved fully folding the leaves in half which then was really difficult to prize back open after hammering and I had to anneal it about a million times. This time round I stuck to hammering the leaf shape out after bending it at a 90ยบ angle. This was so much easier to work with and still gave a lovely shape and texture. The edges also went nice and wibbly which I love.

Printed and framed!

Invites ready to go!

This week I got all the wedding invites cut to size and sorted into envelops with the particulars and menus. Each green envelope is sealed with a special wedding emblem sticker to match the design on the invites. Here's a little peek at the finished product...