Crazy Stockings at House of Vans

Earlier this month Lilli and I ran a lino printing and stocking decoration workshop at HoV to spread a little creativity and Christmas cheer. We had been busy on the run up cutting away at Christmas themed lino designs that could be selected and arranged to make personalised stockings.

It was the first lino printing workshop either of us had even run and we're really pleased with its success. The day was really busy and when we realised at 5pm that we hadn't stopped for a lunch break we took it as a good sign because we'd been enjoying ourselves so much we hadn't realised sooner! The day was filled with lots of smiles, colour and pompoms, a great way to start our Christmas festivities! 

Christmas Printing

This year I've tried to make my Christmas cards and presents as personalised as possible by drawing, printing and making as much as I can. Although I can't share some of the presents yet as I don't want to spoil any surprises, I can share my cards and a table runner that I've printed for my aunt (I'm pretty sure she won't see this).