Today I have been making very short and simple stop frame animations using my illustrations and models. I'll post one up when I've finished them!

Photochromic ink

Today I drew out a woodland scene with bear cubs playing and reaching out for the toy boats floating through the trees. I then painted leaves on the trees with blue photochromic ink so that they appear under direct sunlight (or in this case under my UV lamp because there is no sun outside at the moment!) and then fade away when the light goes.
Here's one section of my page first under the UV light and then once it's faded...

Caesars in gingerbread!

I just realised I never put up this photo of Caesars of Streatham Hill in gingerbread (complete with the 133 bus to Liverpool Street!) that I made with my brilliant friend OLIVIA!

Thermochromic inks

I've been playing around with thermochromic and photochromic inks because I think the way the colours fade in and out works really well with the idea of memories fading away. The photos of the photochromic testing didn't come out so well so I'll have to do them again another time but here is a little example of the thermochromic ink I've tried so far. The ink is blue when it's cold but turns clear when it warms up. I held my picture against the radiator and then photographed it cooling down.


When I was younger my uncle had a lovely poodle called Ben. He used to be obsessed with my sisters pet mice and press his nose up against their cage looking at them. We have this lovely photo of him in our family album staring right at them which is what inspired this drawing.