Frog Girl Cushions and Tote Bags

I wanted to make the most of the printing facilities at university before my student pass ran out and I wouldn't be allowed in the workshop anymore. I thought I would be able to get loads of printing done but I ended up having so many other things to do in the last week I just printed a couple of totes and a couple of cushions. I wish I could have printed more of these, I guess I'll just have to put them on screen again somewhere else!

New website!

I've been working on a new look for my website recently. It's still not 100% finished but it's getting there! Please take a look!

End of an Era

So today we began taking out degree show down. I haven't been on here in ages because I've been so busy with the final stages of my degree. I've been wishing so hard for it all to be over so I can go back to having a normal routine and being home before 11pm each night of the week. Now that it's over I'm not sure I feel so happy after all, I think I'm really going to miss it!
Anyway, here are a couple of snaps of my work...

Knitted home

This drawing has taken me forever! It's inspired by my friend Olivia who knitted a jumper for her guinea pig to keep it warm outside during the winter. This is still a work in progress but here's how it looks at the moment!

Lets Get Bare Together

A quick photo of my Lets Get Bare Together tee.

First Year T-shirt

Just stumbled across a t-shirt I printed for Sam from my first screen printing project two years ago...

Fundraising Totes

Two of my designs were chosen to go on tote bags to sell and raise money for our degree show. Here are my designs screen printed onto totes...

tote bags

at uni we're all having to do some fund raising to pay for various aspects of our degree show and one of the things we decided to do was screen print some tote bags to sell. we asked everyone in the year group for designs so we could have a vote on a few to print. here's my design...


Today I have been making very short and simple stop frame animations using my illustrations and models. I'll post one up when I've finished them!

Photochromic ink

Today I drew out a woodland scene with bear cubs playing and reaching out for the toy boats floating through the trees. I then painted leaves on the trees with blue photochromic ink so that they appear under direct sunlight (or in this case under my UV lamp because there is no sun outside at the moment!) and then fade away when the light goes.
Here's one section of my page first under the UV light and then once it's faded...

Caesars in gingerbread!

I just realised I never put up this photo of Caesars of Streatham Hill in gingerbread (complete with the 133 bus to Liverpool Street!) that I made with my brilliant friend OLIVIA!

Thermochromic inks

I've been playing around with thermochromic and photochromic inks because I think the way the colours fade in and out works really well with the idea of memories fading away. The photos of the photochromic testing didn't come out so well so I'll have to do them again another time but here is a little example of the thermochromic ink I've tried so far. The ink is blue when it's cold but turns clear when it warms up. I held my picture against the radiator and then photographed it cooling down.


When I was younger my uncle had a lovely poodle called Ben. He used to be obsessed with my sisters pet mice and press his nose up against their cage looking at them. We have this lovely photo of him in our family album staring right at them which is what inspired this drawing.

Birthday picnic in the woods...

My parents have woodland just at the bottom of their garden and when me and my sister were younger we used to play in it all the time. I have so many fond memories of making dens and playing hide and seek in there. Here is my illustration one of the woodland birthday picnics I had...


Final project...

I haven't even finished putting up photos of my last project yet but I thought I'd just stick up a quick post about my new project. This one will become my final major project, so it's all getting a little bit scary!
I've decided to bas my project on memories, and in particular how we don't always remember things accurately and sometimes we merge different things together. I've started off by going through old photo albums to find photo's to draw from. Then I'll mix all the imagery up and change the scale of some things to create new, playful scenes that are stepping into fantasy.
I want to avoid my project becoming too personal and so I'm concentrating more on the animals, plants and inanimate objects in the photos rather than my family members.
Here's a quick something I did earlier...

UV budgie!

I hired two budgies from London Taxidermy and tested them out under UV light just to see them glow first hand. The photo's I took don't quite do them justice, they looked amazing! Here's one of them...

Appearing budgies

On this one the budgies are invisible until placed under UV light...

luminescent specimens

Last term I did a project inspired by a book my mum bought me about Darwin's life. I began studying and drawing animals, rocks, scientific equipment, explorers equipment and the HMS Beagle and tried to create interesting compositions with the different drawings and sometimes also by playing with the scale.
I also had the idea to mix the old with the new and after discovering that budgies glow under UV light I had the idea of creating UV wallpaper for club and bar settings.
One of my first UV drawings was this fox checking out the HMS Beagle...