London Design Festival

Wow, the last few days have been totally tiring but so much fun! I was lucky enough to be involved with the London Design Festival again through Aestheticodes and with lots of hard work from the team it went really well.

Similar to last year we had a stand that we used to explain our concept through teaching people how to draw their own codes and demonstrate the app. This really got people excited and it was amazing to see so many positive reactions to our artcodes. Unlike last year though, our stand was flipping massive! Plus, we made it extra interactive and engaging by including not just illustration demos but paper cutting and embroidery demos, mural painting AND screen printing workshops with me and Lilli Cowley-Wood. It was really great to show so many people how varied the application of the codes can be. Lilli did an awesome job at painting a beautiful aestheticode on the wall of the stand…
Once again I designed the postcards for Aestheticodes, this time I made a much bolder design inspired by the Truman Brewery eagle. The eagle design got printed up both digitally onto postcards using a multi coloured design and also screen printed at the festival onto postcards and tote bags along with Nicole Levenberg's penguins. In exchange for an artcode, people could print their own limited edition eagle!

It was pretty cool to see how the stand was easily filled with artcodes drawn by people visiting the festival and it felt a little sad taking it all down…
So once again, the festival has now come to an end and I really do hope that someone will realise what a brilliant opportunity this could provide for interacting and engaging with people. QR codes just don't cut it anymore.

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